David Navara

in his own words

My name is David Navara, I am 23 years old and my current rating (2672) is the lowest among the participants. I am not used to such a role, but if I am in a good form, I can finish somewhere in the middle or even slightly better. On the other hand, being in a poor form I can easily finish last. I did not participate in many such difficult tournaments, but I usually play better against stronger opposition, avoiding excessive risk.

I started to play chess at the age of 6. It turned out gradually that I was very talented. But I had a good support as well. Grandmaster Ludek Pachman trained me in a short period around 1995, but my most important trainers were IM Josef Pribyl and especially GM Vlastimil Jansa. I managed to finish third at a World Junior Championship in B12 category in Cannes (FRA), 1997 an second in B14 category in Oropesa del Mar (ESP), 1998. At the age of 15 I succeeded in the European U20 championship in Avilés (ESP) and World U18 championship in Oropesa del Mar, but did not get a medal.

David Navara square

David Navara

My real breakthrough was Leon 2001, where I scored 7/9 on the 2nd board. Since then I reached several comparable results, including 6/6 in the British League 2005/2006, 8.5/12 at the Chess Olympiad 2006 (Torino, ITA), 6/9 at the European Team Championship at Crete (2007) or the shared 1st place at the rapid tournament in Mainz, 2007.

My worst recent result is 4.5/13 in the German Bundesliga 2006/2007, but I achieved several other bad results recently. I probably played my best chess from August 2005 to July 2006, but then my results deteriorated again. Therefore now I am the weakest participant of the Grand Prix Tournament in Baku.

I live in Prague. I am a student, even though not a very good one. I study logic, but I am more interested in sociology. My father is an university teacher and scientist (mathematician), my mother is a dentist. I have one younger brother and no sister. I am trying not to ignore the outside world, but I do not have any major hobby except for chess and sociology. Except for Czech, I can speak English and Russian more or less fluently. My knowledge of German is not very good.

Yours sincerely,

David Navara

With the help of Viktor Novotný from Novoborský Chess Club